For all those who feel that women have hundreds of variety of shoes, we want to tell you that, you are right. Before we begin telling you how many different types of shoes there are for women, we already feel sorry for all the husbands and boyfriends. Grab some popcorn girls, this one is going to be one long article. Many of the different types of shoes we are going to tell you about here, some women themselves might not be aware of their existence.

So here is the complete list, ladies. If you don’t have any of these shoes, you should add them to your shopping list. And this doesn’t mean you carry them everywhere with you. We’ll tell you which ones to take on which types of vacations. Let’s begin, shall we? Oh, also, in order to be inclusive, we have also mentioned the types of shoes for men. So this article is for both men and women (although, it’s natural that the women’s list is longer, sorry boys).

Different Types Of Shoes For Women

Flats: For Comfort And Style

1. Ballerinas

Bellerina shoes, types of shoes for women

The Ballerinas are actually inspired by Ballet shoes. Ballerinas are extremely flexible flat shoes usually round in the front. A pair of ballerinas are so comfortable and flexible that their sole curves when you are not wearing them. They have thicker soles than sandals and look beautiful when you wear them. These types of shoes for women are light so they can be easily packed or worn.

Can be worn with: Jeans and top, short frill dresses

Where can you wear them: Pretty much everywhere! They are the ultimate comfort shoe while also making you look good. Get a neutral colour that goes with most of your outfits while packing this for a trip.

2. Loafers

Types of shoes for women, loafers
Loafers for a casual day

The Loafers are lace-free slip-on shoes that are elasticated on both sides making it easy to get into. Because loafers have elastic, laces are not needed. The best part about loafers is that it is neither too formal nor too dressy. If you are looking for a chance to mix and match, these types of shoes for women go with a lot of things. Allen Solly has a wide collection of loafers available with them.

Can be worn with: Shirt, tank top, crop top, and A-line skirt

Where can you wear them: Like the ballerinas, loafers are also extremely comfy as well as chic. So you needn’t struggle to walk in them and can still look great! So you can use a pair of these for daily or casual wear through pretty much most of your vacation.

3. Flip Flops

Flip flops for women

If you are planning a summer vacation or beach vacation, keep a pair of flip-flops with you in your luggage. Amazon has a collection that you will not find anywhere else. Flip flops are perfect for beachwear. Since it is mostly meant for beachwear, you do not have to worry about how to match these types of shoes for women.

Can be worn with Bikini, swimwear, shorts and tops, floral dresses

Where can you wear them: Flip flops are your perfect beachwear. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for your summer trip.

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4. Brogues

Brogues for women
Brogues for professional women

Yes, you heard it right! Brogues for women are available in the market now. This season style yourself with a pair of these masculine beauties. Earlier, brogue shoes were specified as men’s formal shoes, but now this trend is famous for women as well. If you are looking for good options, Clarks is a good place to shop for brogues shoes.

Can be worn withFormal outfits for women

Where can you wear them: Brogues are beyond perfect for your formal trip. These will go perfectly with your formal wear.

5. Sandals

sandals for casual wear, types of shoes for women

Sandals are the most commonly used footwear for women. The different types of sandals for women have straps to hold the sole with the wearer’s foot. If you are looking for variety, again Amazon has a beautiful collection of brands having sandals of different types and colours. Different patterns of sandals make them entirely different from one another.

Can be worn with: Jeans and a top, shorts, ethnic wear, crop top and shorts, casual wear

Where can you wear them: Sandals are your everyday comfort. These can literally go with anything and anywhere.

6. Gladiator Sandals

Types of shoes for women

One classy type of sandals is gladiator sandals, that are inspired by ancient Greece. Gladiators have a super flat sole and straps that cover the entire foot giving it a mesh or cage-like look. If you are looking for options, Forever 21 provides you with a classy range of gladiator sandals in different patterns.

Can be worn with A-line skirt, shorts, off-shoulder dresses

Where can you wear them: Beach and summer vacation, are incomplete without these types of shoes for women. They are the best for your beach holiday.

Shoes: For More Active Wear

1. Canvas

Types of shoes for women
Canvas shoes to trend your look

The Canvas shoes should be declared as the coolest shoes in the history of shoemaking. A pair of these lace casual shoes come in different colours. Canvas shoes are made from the fabric called canvas mostly used by painters. They are fun, versatile, widely available in the market, and not at all an enemy to your pocket. Converse is the best brand to buy from. They are durable and have two varieties of shoes, ankle-length and above ankle-length.

Can be worn with Casual t-shirt or shirt with jeans or shorts, casual dresses

Where can you wear them: Travel that includes walking or standing for a while should be accomplished by canvas. Canvas is comfort.

2. Sneakers

Types of shoes for women
Sneakers for comfort and style

The Sneakers usually have a soft sole and can be with laces or without laces. A pair of these casual wear shoes are worn for specific activities or just to spice up your casual look. Zara has a good collection of sneakers if you want to invest in a good pair.

Can be worn with Casual wear, jeans, or a shirt dress

Where can you wear them: The most casual shoes ever made that are equally comfortable are sneakers. They go with everything and can be worn everywhere.

3. Trainers

Types of shoes for sporty women
Trainers for women who like sports

The Trainers are specifically designed for sports purposes and are the most comfortable ones when it comes to running in them. If you plan an early morning jog on your vacation, you need to keep a pair of these with you. Make sure the sole is thick enough when you are out for shopping trainers for yourself.

Can be worn with: Sporty look, tights, and sports top

Where can you wear them: If you are planning a trek on the trip, pack trainers with you. They will help you be light and yet classy.

Heels: When You Want To Feel Fancy

1. Wedges

Types of shoes for women
Blue wedges

Wedges are far more comfortable than those painful heels that kill your feet. Wedges are the types of shoes for women in which rubber serves both the purpose of a heel and a sole. There is no partition between the heel and the sole in wedges. Zara is a great brand to shop for wedges. It is an investment, but an investment that will not get wasted because these are shoes that go well with most things and don’t kill your feet. A pair of these will save your day and your ankles.

Can be worn with Jeans, skirts, dresses, and whatnot.

Where can you wear them: Comfortable party wear that does not hurt you and still serves the purpose of heels.

2. Court Shoes

Women shoes

Court shoes have a low-cut front that aligns itself with the rest of the shoe. They have small heels and are usually worn on formal occasions. So if you are a working woman you need to have a pair of these shoes with you. Since the heels are not that big, they won’t kill your feet. They usually come in a range of sober colours like white, beige, black, brown, and peach.

Can be worn with: Formal outfits for women

Where can you wear them: Formal heels to make your formal trip outfit beyond perfect.

3. Pumps

Types of travel shoes for women
Violet pink color pumps heels shoes

Pumps have higher heels than court shoes and are mostly worn for a dressy look. Since pumps come in a number of colours and are widely available online, they can be worn anywhere and anytime and with any attire. Pumps have a higher heel that gives them a taller look and you, a classy one. Always have a nude and a black coloured pair of pumps in your closet, these babies go with everything.

Can be worn with Dresses, skirts, jeans, gowns

Where can you wear them: Any party attire is incomplete without pumps.

4. Stiletto Heels

Types of heels for women
Red high-heel stilettoes

Stilettos are shoes with heels of thin and high varieties. Heels in these types of shoes for women may vary from 1 inch to 10 inches. Stiletto heels are the trendiest of all the heels. These can have a pointed front or a rounded front depending upon the choice of the wearer.

Can be worn with Short dresses, skirts, shorts skirts, denim, skorts

Where can you wear them: Higher heels for parties. If you can carry them well, you are made for them.

These types of shoes might hurt, so here is something to help you with that.

5. Kitten Heels

Women Shoes
Kitten heels for formal wear

The Kitten heels are a shorter pair of pumps for lack of other descriptions. Same making and the same shape, just the heels are shorter. Heels of 2.0 inches or shorter are called kitten heels. Kitten heels can be closed-toe or peep-toe. Kitten shoes are mostly used for formal wear purposes.

Can be worn with Formal dresses, jeans

Where can you wear them: Formal dresses are more comfortable when the heels are less even if the formal tour is long. Wear them if you plan to visit a classical opera.

6. Block Heels

Block heels for women
Block heels comfortable enough to dance in

The Block heels are square-shaped heel shoes for women. Of the many heeled varieties of shows, these are comfortable to walk in and do not hurt your foot at all. Because of not being a pointed heel you can stand and stay comfortable in them all day. Make sure you carry them on a vacation with you.

Can be worn with Frill dresses, jeans and tunics, straight dresses, and floral skirts

Where can you wear them: Every destination and every girl can carry these very well.

7. Killer Heels

Types of shoes for women to travel
Alluring Killer heels

There is a reason these heels are called killer heels, DO NOT EVER STEP ON SOMEONE wearing these. NEVER! (Although it can probably work well as a self-defense tool). These heels are of the super narrow variety and are above 10 cm in height – these are killer shoes. If you love yourself, do not wear them for more than 2-3 hours or wear them only if you plan to sit pretty and not move at all except to leave.

Can be worn with: Party attire

Where can you wear them: For a crisp party wear and killing shoes, it’s just perfect

8. Oxford Heels

Oxford shoes for women
Black high-heeled oxfords

Oxford shoes are shoes with laces and heels (for women). They give a formal look to your shoes and help you feel more trendy. Oxford shoes not only look beautiful on the attire but are also amazingly comfortable. These days they can be mixed and matched with not only formal clothes but also casual clothes.

Can be worn with Formal attire and jeans and a tank top

Where can you wear them: Formal attire for a formal trip

9. Ankle Strap

Shoes for women

Ankle strap shoes have straps with or without a buckle on the ankle. Heels for these types of shoes for women may vary in size and shape but the strap will always be present in them. Various colours and styles of ankle strap shoes are available in the market and online.

Can be worn with Skirts, shorts, jeans and crop tops, jeans and off-shoulder tops

Where can you wear them: Ankle strap shoes go with every attire and are cute enough to wear everywhere.

10. Peep Toes

Shoes for women

Peep toes shoes are shoes with heels (of different sizes) and the space in the front is open for you to flaunt your nail colour or pedicure. Peep-toe shoes can vary in style, they can be wedges or thin-heeled but the only thing that makes them different is the peepholes in the front for your toe to be visible.

Can be worn with: Jeans and tunic, skirts, and off-shoulder top

Where can you wear them: These can be worn on any occasion. So pack them with your luggage. Don’t forget to carry your favourite nail paint too.

11. Platform Heels

Perfect platforms for women wear
Perfect platforms in pink

Shoes that have a thick sole and are heeled are called platform heels. Platform shoes have soles with a range of 3-10 cm which means 1-4 inches. These look trendy and of the heeled shoes, and the thick soles of these shoes help in walking comfortably.

Can be worn with: Literally everything

Where can you wear them: Platform heels are more comfortable as compared to normal heels, so you can go with any attire but definitely not with formal.

12. Mary Janes/ Bar Shoes/ Doll Shoes

Types of shoes for women
floral mary jane shoes

Mary Janes shoes are named after a character from the Buster Brown comic strip (drawn by R F Outcault) named Mary Jane who wore them in the comic strip. Usually, it is made of leather with one strap fastened with a buckle. They are round and low from the front and can be with or without heels. These are called Mary Janes in the US because of the comic strip getting released in New York. Other names for these are doll or bar shoes.

Can be worn with: Dresses, skirts

Where can you wear them: Shopping day cannot get better with Mary Janes shoes

13. Scarpin Heels

Scarpin shoes for women
Feminine red scarpin shoes

Shoes with really high heels and really pointy front are Scarpin shoes. Walking may be a pain in them but looking drop-dead gorgeous is guaranteed. The heels of the shoe are even thinner than the stilettos.

Can be worn with: Jeans and crop top, jeans and shirts, skirts

Where can you wear them: A casual day out with these and your day will be full of compliments. Of The many things in your itinerary, ensure a lot of walking isn’t one of them

14. Mules

Women shoes

Mule shoes do not have back or heel support. These give more support than flip-flops because of being closed from the front. They are comfortable and light in weight. Carry comfort with you this vacation. These types of shoes for women are the best ones to carry.

Can be worn with Formals, shirts, tunics, and jeans

Where can you wear them: Mules are the best way to flaunt your pedicure and nail paints. Any party wear can be worn with these babies.

Boots: To Up Your Style Quotient

1. Wellington Boots

Rain boots for women
Wellington protection from rain

The Wellington boots are rain boots. You need to have them with you if you are heading towards a place where rain is unexpected like Alaska. These are made of rubber or plastic generally and are completely waterproof. They come in different colours that help you choose your colour for your attire. These types of shoes for women will not only save you from wetting your feet but also, make you look cool.

Can be worn with: Matching to your attire, can be a dress or even jeans and top

Where can you wear them: For a rainy or winter destination these are must-haves

2. Gladiator Boots

Shoes for women
Flat Gladiators

We above told you about gladiator sandals, here we are talking about gladiator boots. Gladiator boots are higher in length. They come up till your calf muscles and look super cool and are super comfortable. You can match it with any of your skirts or shorts and you are good to go. They are great for your feet too.

Can be worn with Skirt, Shorts, jeans, and a crop top or off-shoulder tops

Where can you wear them: Beach destinations or summer destinations will give you a chance to flaunt these boots.

3. Ankle Boots

Red Ankle length boots for women

One tip for wearing Ankle boots is, to roll up your jeans so that your ankle peeps out. This makes your ankle look thin and when you have ankle booties peep put from below your look cannot get better. Ankle boots also come in a variety of heels so you can choose one based on comfort as well as style. Zara has a beautiful collection of boots, from high-length to ankle boots.

Can be worn with: Jeans, A-line skirts, shorts

Where can you wear them: Ankle boots are a must-have for winter destinations. They are trendy and warm.

4. Calf Boots

Types of shoes for women, Winter Accessories
Woman in brown calf-length boots

Calf boots have a variety for winter and summer. They come up to your calf muscles and allow you to stay warm. Even if it is not meant to be for winter you can have one of these in your collection and they will last longer than any other shoe in your closet. These boots also come with different heels.

Can be worn with Short skirts, overcoat and jeans, trousers and shirt

Where can you wear them: These can be worn on a cruise for dinner parties or for a casual day out on a winter trip.

5. Chelsea Boots

Types of shoes for women
Chelsea shoes for women

The Chelsea boots are elasticated from one side for slipping into the boot and maintaining the grip. Chelsea boots usually have a fabric at the back to pull the shoe up. You can pack them with you if you have enough space in your luggage or it’s better if you wear it while leaving for your travels. You can pair it with your formal or casual. These types of shoes for women will give you an amazing look.

Can be worn with Formals, jeans, and a crop top with summer hats.

Where can you wear them: You can wear them on a casual day out and pretty much everywhere.

6. Military Boots

Types of shoes for women
Military boots for women

Modern Military boots are designed to provide grip, ankle stability, and foot protection suitable for a rugged environment. They mostly come in black colour and laces and look amazing over a tomboy outfit. The soles of the shoe can handle some rough use.

Can be worn with Tank top and slim-fit jeans

Where can you wear them: These types of shoes for women can make plain attire classy and cool. You can wear them for a casual day or a city tour.

7. Over The Knee

Types of shoes for women

Over the knee boots cover the knee partially or fully. Zara has a great collection of long boots with them. Investing in something like this is a great investment. These types of shoes for women are trendy and give you a great look when you wear them.

Can be worn with: With a short skirt, skinny jeans, and top

Where can you wear them: These types of shoes for women can be worn for a dinner party or a cruise.

These shoes are a great deal for you to buy. Choose your style and let us know how you felt about them. If you have them already, great! Share your stories of the compliments you got. If not, get up girls, go shop!

Different Types Of Shoes For Men

1. Brogues

Hands tie a thin lace on a stylish left brogue shoe in autumn park close-up. Nearby is a brown leather carpetbag

This classy pair of shoes, every man must own. Although brogues are traditionally meant to be worn for formal event, it has now gained popularity for their smart-casual appeal.

Can be worn with: Formal outfits for men

Where can you wear them: Brogues are beyond perfect for your formal trip. These will go perfectly with your formal wear.

2. Loafers And Boat Shoes

Men's leather and suede boat shoes for sale at street market. Casual footwear.

One of the most timeless shoes when it comes to style and appeal, loafers are the lace-less pair of shoes that you can just slip on and still look smartly dressed. They can be worn practically anywhere and with anything. They are similar to boat shoes but are considered more formal. Boat shoes are more sporty and can be worn with shorts as well.

Can be worn with: Loafers can be worn with formal clothes or your casual attire while travelling. Boat shoes can be worn with casual attire, including shorts

Where can you wear them: Loafers carry a timeless appeal that allows them to be worn while strolling around the city or even by the beach. 

3. Flip Flops

Feet pointing up the clear tropical blue sky with a wonderful palm tree background.

Your beach or summer vacation will remain incomplete without a comfy pair of flip-flops. Find the best according to your style, price range, and comfort in Amazon‘s collection. Since flip flops are usually casual and easy beachwear, you do not have to worry about what to match these types of shoes with.

Can be worn with: Beach shorts, swimwear, shorts, and t-shirts

Where can you wear them: Flip flops are your perfect beachwear. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for your summer trip

4. Sneakers

Man wearing sneakers

Sneakers can go with anything you wear. The soles of the shoe are usually soft which makes it comfortable. With so many types of sneakers, there are a plethora of options to choose from. While the quirky retro sneakers will make your T-shirt and jeans look cool, there are also modern-day sneakers that are what every man needs at every stage of life. Sneakers can be with laces or without laces and are worn for specific activities or just to spice up your casual look.

Can be worn with Casual wear, jeans, or a casual shirt and pants

Where can you wear them: The most casual shoes ever made that are equally comfortable are sneakers. The fact that you can wear them anywhere and it goes with everything seals the deal

5. Dress in Boots

Close up leather boots.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to pull off a ‘rugged guy’ look while travelling, dress boots are dress shoes for every man. Dress shoes or boots are considered high fashion and are a great choice for your winter wardrobe. It’s an especially perfect style of shoe for transitional spring and fall weather when you need some coverage but not too much.

Can be worn with: Formals or casual wear such as jeans and a shirt.

Where can you wear them: You can wear them as dress shoes on a casual day out when it’s a little chilly or for a night stroll in the city.

We hope this list of footwear for men and women has helped you. Let us know in the comments which types of shoes are your favourite. Also, like and share the article if it helped you.

FAQs For Types Of Shoes

Which are some of the best types of shoes for women?

The best types of shoes for women are Timeless White Sneakers, Ballerina Flats, Classic Black Loafers, Pairs of Flat Sandals, Neutral Evening Heels, Pairs of Walkable Heels, and Classic Black Ankle Booties.

Which are some of the best types of shoes for men?

Some of the best types of shoes for men are Brogues, Loafers, Oxfords, Moccasins, sneakers, Derbies, Dress boots, and Monk shoes. The best part of men’s shoes is they are all great for your feet.


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