Create A Wellness Retreat At Home With These Easy Steps

It’s time to take some time out and create a haven at home. Let these DIY Wellness Retreats guide you.

Uncertain and challenging times lead to stress and anxiety. It’s the ideal time to practice self-care and focus on your wellbeing. Wellness is a holistic approach to the well-being of an individual, mentally, physically, and spiritually. As defined by WHO, it is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Wellness retreats are gateways that help focus on well-being through various facilities such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, detox sessions, spa treatments, and fitness therapies. These retreats allow people to truly unplug, harmonise the body and mind, to help to get a natural rhythm back on track. However, you don’t need to go anywhere to get these benefits. You can create your own wellness retreat at home. 

Countrywide lockdowns, a slow economy, and the threat of a pandemic on your doorstep have taken a toll on your mental health. It’s important to maintain a balance in your physical and mental well-being—it’s what will help you survive adverse times smoothly.    

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Give Yourself A Break By Creating An At-Home Wellness Retreat Experience With These Steps

Step 1: Book A Time For Your Retreat

Wellness Retreat At Home

Just because you are planning a wellness retreat at HOME, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to set time aside for it. It doesn’t matter if you need an entire weekend or just a single day to do a  DIY wellness retreat.  The benefits of a wellness retreat can come from a 15-minute self-care routine. But block the time, otherwise, you will end up taking it for granted and might put it off. The activity can be as simple as putting on a facemask. Plan ahead and let your flatmates or family know that you’re not to be disturbed for a required period of time. That way, you can really get some ‘me-time’.

Step 2: Create A Schedule

Notebook and fountain pen
Planner and sticky notes

Just like an actual getaway would create an itinerary of activities for you, do the same for your at-home version. You can try 30 minutes of yoga in the morning, schedule your meals according to the diet you are planning to follow, prep for it beforehand or block some time apart for 20 mins of meditation, or try your new face mask at the end of the day. This will ensure that you won’t sit in one place and hold you accountable for your activities.  

Step 3: Have An Agenda For Both Energising And Relaxing Activities

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Your retreat at home shouldn’t contain just one set of activities. Plan both energising and relaxing activities. 

No wellness retreat is complete without a little movement. Take a break from your typical routine and try a new fitness class or a different kind of yoga from what you usually do. 

Treat yourself to relaxing activities. On your wellness retreat at home put on a face mask and go about your day, cook a healthy meal, and enjoy a long shower (with candles, music, and your favourite fragrant shower products). 

Step 4: Eat Healthy

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Junk food might be tempting, but detrimental to your pursuit of wellness. To make sure you don’t give it to temptation, plan your meals in advance. During your planned wellness retreat pick food that’s healthy and full of nutrients. Keep in mind that healthy eating isn’t just what you consume but also how you consume it! Therefore, try to eat meals without distractions, chew your food well and slowly, and lastly, eat the right food at the right time.

Step 5: Pack A Bag As If You’re Actually Going To A Retreat

Even if you aren’t getting out of your house for a break, set aside the items that you need for the scheduled wellness retreat at home. It can include your workout clothes, slippers, yoga mat, your journal, favourite books, and anything else you feel you’ll need to zen out.  Not only will you eliminate the need to dig through your closet on days when you’re trying to relax, but it also creates a sense of ‘being’ or ‘headed to’ a different place from your home. 

Step 6: Go On A Digital Detox

Wellness Retreat At Home

Try and ban screens on your detox time. No screen time. You cannot relax if you are still connected to technology. You must try to disconnect from your phone, social media, and streaming services. It might be hard in the beginning, but soon you’ll realise how and why the detox helps you feel refreshed and more connected to the real world. Everything is going to be there when you get back, so breathe in and relax.

Step 7: Pencil In Some Downtime

Between all the fresh air, face masks, healthy eating, and long baths don’t forget to schedule some time for pure relaxation. Allow yourself to be idle, take some time to reflect, wash away your worries, and relax your body and mind. 

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As the world scrambles to get the Covid-19 pandemic under control, let’s not fall into the pit of worry and despair. Through an online retreat programme, work on keeping your mind and body both healthy. Even when we cannot head somewhere idyllic for our wellness retreat, now is the time to stay strong, robust, and resilient. Follow the steps above to give yourself a blissful, relaxing weekend with your own wellness retreat at home. Let us know all about how you personalised your experience in the comments below!

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