Is Making Plus Sizes A Risky Task For Luxury Brands?

When you find comfort in something that you are wearing, everything in life seems easy. You start to enjoy every bit of your life. And it is very difficult to find that one perfect outfit for yourself that is comfortable and still stylish and fits properly. But, let’s be honest! It’s not as tough as finding a plus size. Not many luxury brands make plus sizes. But the question is WHY NOT? Do they think it is a sensitive area to touch? Or are the customers not important enough for them? Or are only regular sized customers important? Or is our society obsessed with perfect body shapes?


Before plunging into this never-ending debate, let’s first know what is plus size clothing

In the fashion industry, size 18 and larger are considered plus size clothing. But in the UK the story is a little different, they start their bigger size from size 14 and above. The starting numbers for plus size will always be a point of discussion in the industry. But I am not sure why “Plus size” is a different category altogether?



I think that our fashion industry is plus-size-averse. In fact, the industry is obsessed with making straight sizes only, which in a way, is animosity against women who don’t fit in those sizes. And, why only women? Men are also suffering because of the same reason. You will be surprised to know that the problem goes somewhere deep inside. There is a production barrier that prevents the manufacturing of plus-size-clothing. And the brands that make plus size clothing, make you pay more for them.

Did you know that plus size clothing is costlier than the smaller size clothing?  No, it’s not the manufacturing. It is the “fat-tax”.

Brands like Forever 21 are so renowned in the fashion industry. But let me tell you they are no different. I will show you how.

This is a ribbed knit bodysuit featuring a V-neckline with crisscross lace-up detailed front, sleeveless cut, and a dual snap-button bottom closure. But in a regular size. It costs $14.90, which is fine. The story is not the same with the plus size clothing.


This is a sleeveless ribbed knit bodysuit that has a scoop neckline, lace-up front, and a cheeky bottom with dual snap-button closures, for $25.00?

It is not just one brand that does so…

The British retailer, New Look had to revise their price for the plus-size collection when a customer noticed that a pair of green striped trousers in its plus-size collection cost $4 more than the same pair in its regular range. A few other items in the plus-size range were costlier than the normal range. She witnessed this and reported to The Sun

Does more Fabric mean More Money?

If you are thinking more fabric means more money, then hold on and think. You buy a top in size 2, 4 or 6 [Small, medium and Large]. Are the prices different for each one of them? The fabric used in Large and XXXL sizes is more than the fabric used in small and medium sizes I am sure.

Why are the prices high for plus-size then? Or why are they not available easily?

Because apparently:

  • The process of designing plus size clothing is more difficult than regular clothing.
  • It takes time to develop an average plus size that fits every body type and is not for specific body shape (You know, cos plus sizes vary in body shapes and the regular fits are rectangles basically).

If these are the reasons, then there is no reason. I am sorry!

Basically, the plus sizes use more fabric, thus brands want to pass this cost on to the consumer. Because why not? The fashion industry is huge and if one starts a trend, competitors will follow. They should know that. Instead of charging more, make the clothes available offline.

The point is do they refuse to make it because they are hard to make or because it’s an image thing for them? I’ll leave it up to you to decide and tell me in the comment section below.

ASOS is one brand that has been making profits from plus size clothing. Plus-size clothing is doing so well for them that they might expand it.

How can the issue be resolved?

First of all, end this segregation between straight or regular sizes and plus sizes. Make clothes, manufacture them and make them reach the customers. They can choose their own sizes.

Secondly, understand you are designing clothes for humans, not hangers. And we humans, come in different shapes and sizes. And we like it.

Fashion is something that comes out naturally when you feel confident about yourself and that DOES NOT depend on what size you wear.

And this is all that matters in the end!


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