Why Would You Want a Tent On the Top of Your Car?

The beauty of car camping is not in getting to the destination. Instead, it is about experiencing the journey itself. When it comes to setting up a tent, a rooftop tent is a camper’s dream. 

Setting up a tent on your car has numerous benefits and solves common camping problems simultaneously. Here are seven reasons why you may need a tent on top of your car for your next expedition.

It Is Easy to Set Up

Although the land rover discovery roof rackis easily fixed on top of a car, setting up the ladder, mounting the poles, and strapping the ends is easy. It takes between 5 to 20 minutes to set up the average camping tent. Yet, some take much longer to put up. In contrast, a rooftop tent only takes 90 seconds or less to set up. Indeed, some RTTs take only a minute to assemble. The ease of setting up an RTT makes car camping worthwhile. 

You Can Camp Virtually Anywhere

The convenience of setting up and packing up a rooftop tent supports its versatility. With an RTT, you can camp virtually anywhere. As long as your car can fit somewhere, you can set up your rooftop tent there as long as it is not a restricted area. Besides free campsites, a rooftop tent lets you camp on beaches, parks, and any other suitable location. If camping outside your house is your cup of tea, a rooftop tent won’t disappoint either. Also, RTTs fit nearly every type of vehicle. From SUVs to trucks, it would fit the roof of most vehicles.  

Additional Space for You and Your Gear

One of the challenges of camping is finding enough space for your gear and yourself on the trip. With an RTT, you have one less thing to worry about. It offers you a wealth of additional space for your first aid kit, lamps, and other belongings. During the day, you may turn the RTT into a storage unit for your gear. Also, the roof of the RTT is sturdy and spacious enough to mount your solar panels. Doing this will also free up some space in your car. An RTT usually supports about 200 pounds for each camper. However, some can hold up to 900 pounds of weight. This is more than enough capacity to carry your gear and more.

Comfort and Durability

The poor sleeping conditions during camping are a significant turn-off for neutrals. RTTs offers a comfortable camping experience, especially when sleeping. They come with a comfortable sleeping pad which is indeed comfy compared to air mattresses. Some floors are uneven, while others are rough and stony. This makes sleeping on the ground less comfortable. The smooth, hard bottom of the RTT ensures that the sleeping pad rests on a plain platform that promotes comfort when you sleep. 

Besides the comfort a rooftop tent affords, its durability is one of its best attributes. Camping in open areas can be challenging during harsh weather conditions. Such unpleasant conditions could damage a tent, sending parts of the tent flying. An RTT is made of durable fibreglass shell materials for protection against a snowstorm or intense wind.

The Beauty of Sleeping Above the Ground

Sleeping on the ground is nothing new to campers. Although it is one of the exciting aspects of camping, it can be challenging. Rainy days or nights usually make the ground muddy and damp. This would make nights much colder and sleeping uncomfortable. Since RTTs are set up above the car, it means that they are meters above ground level. You would need to access the RTT by climbing a telescoping ladder. 

Cleaning the tent becomes another issue when placed on the ground. RTTs get covered with mud on rainy days, while dust or grass stains soil them on dry days. A rooftop tent offers a solution to these problems. Sleeping above the ground when camping ensures that your tent is neat, and you can enjoy an improved camping experience while sleeping or relaxing off ground level. 

It Is the Cheaper, Yet Efficient Alternative to an RV

A standard RTT costs at least $1,000, while the cost of an RV starts from $10,000. It is one of the reasons some prefer an RTT to an RV. That does not imply that RTTs are better than RVs. RTTs are a better option for a minimalist camping experience. Indeed, a rooftop tent lacks the amenities – portable bathrooms and kitchens – that an RV has. However, an RTT will provide you with the similar comfort an RV offers. Also, mobility is more effortless with an RTT without harming your gas mileage as an RV would. 

Mobility Is Its Key Feature

A rooftop tent exemplifies what every camper needs for a satisfactory camping experience in terms of mobility. RTTs are incredibly mobile, which is perfect for road trips and camping. They are easy to fold up, which makes carrying them in your car easy. They pose little to no challenge for those who make frequent stops or travel to different locations daily. Taking them down is just as easy as setting them up.


Road trips can be fun, yet; even the best-planned trips come with their challenges. Putting up a rooftop tent helps resolve common camping problems while ushering campers into a satisfying camping experience. For many campers, the durability of rooftop tents comes first before other features. Yet, the mobility, affordability, and comfort a rooftop tent offers cannot be ignored. 


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