7 Proven Remedies To Cure Motion Sickness While Traveling

Going on a trip with friends or family is exciting and adventurous. But what if you experience motion sickness in between the journey? Nausea, dizziness, uneasiness, clammy hands are a few common symptoms of motion sickness. Whether travelling by automobile, plane, boat, or train, travellers always want to prevent or reduce the symptoms. While there is no specific explanation for why only some travellers tend to get affected by motion sickness, some remedies can always be effective enough to avoid it.

While travelling, the repeated movements of the vehicle confuse the nervous system. The eyes and ears send different signals to the brain, and that’s why one feels uneasy or vomits. Motion sickness needs urgent attention, or it may suck all the excitement out of your trip. Here are seven effective and proven remedies listed to help you cure it in no time.

Do Not Take Heavy Meals and Always Stay Hydrated

Before starting the journey, people often fill up to avoid packaged or roadside foods. But it will increase the chance of having motion sickness significantly. Rather take light meals frequently and stay hydrated during the journey. Although there may not be varieties of food options onboard, you should always avoid oily, spicy, or greasy foods. And also reduce the consumption of caffeinated beverages and alcohol during or before the journey.

Avoid Reading While Traveling

It may be tempting to read books or work on laptops or tablets while in transit. But this is a key factor that triggers the feeling of nausea. While riding on a bumpy road, our inner ear sends a motion signal to the brain. But the words in the book or graphics on the computer screen are still. Thus the brain receives two mixed signals simultaneously, and it triggers nausea.

Consider Taking Ginger Root

This might be the most widely used remedy and most effective one too. Studies suggest that ginger may possess some anti-nausea effects, which can stop the nausea-inducing stimuli to some extent. You can take ginger root in tea, capsules, tablets, lozenge, or candies as per the availability. However, if you have some health issues that prohibit the consumption of ginger, then do not consider this remedy. Especially pregnant ladies should always consult with their doctors before using ginger.

Focus On Your Breathing Pattern

Are you on the verge of getting motion sickness? Then follow a specific breathing pattern to get back to normal. According to research, taking slow and deep breathing helps you calm down. Repeat the breathing pattern for several minutes and console yourself that you will be okay and relax as much as possible. This will distract you from the unwell feeling and help you to focus.

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Strap On a Wristband

While there is still no concrete evidence whether acupressure can act as an anti-nauseated agent or not, you can still get instant relief by practising this method. Wearing a wristband helps apply pressure on a particular pressure point, the Pericardium 6 point, on your wrist. If you are not carrying any wristband, you can press the pressure point with the other hand’s thumb.

Proper Dosage of Cannabis Can Reduce Motion Sickness

Does consumption of cannabis reduce the symptoms of motion sickness? Yes, some recent research indicated that the consumption of cannabis could activate cannabinoid receptors which can reduce the feeling of nausea. The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology has published a report proving that 96% of the participants taking part in the study reported relief from nausea within an hour of cannabis consumption. If you try this method to combat motion sickness, always get original twisted extracts of cannabis as they are high quality.

So how should you prepare for a road trip with cannabis? Remember, cannabis is not yet legal in all fifty states. So before having it with you, make sure to ensure about all the regulations regarding cannabis of the state you are heading to if there is no issue, just an extra piece of advice for you. Carry a nail file with you to blend the cannabis properly before consuming.

Choose Your Sitting Posture Wisely

Your sitting position during the journey plays an essential role in combating motion sickness. Thus, sit where you experience the least amount of motion. Choosing the front seat instead of the back will be wise if you travel by car. If you are traveling on a train, try sitting next to the window and always keep your face forward (in the direction the train is running).

If the train or bus has two levels, always prefer the lower one. In the case of aircraft, try to book seats in the middle portion; especially the wing-side seats are best to experience less jerking while taking off or landing.

Motion sickness can destroy your trip
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The Bottom Line

No one has an explanation regarding the reason behind motion sickness. But yes, there are remedies. If you face motion sickness suddenly in the middle of the road and there is no medication available, it is always better to try out some of these remedies to get instant relief. Remember, if you are on a trip with your group and have some severe motion sickness symptoms, it can ruin the excitement of the entire group and you. So prepare for everything in advance and have a nice trip.


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