Self-Care Ideas You Can Do Right At Home

With this being such a stressful time, we wanted to take a look at some self-care ideas that you can follow at home.

There’s no shortage of information on self-care out there. So much has been written about self-care: what it is, what it isn’t, what it can do, and what it can’t. But with this being such a stressful time, it warranted a closer look at some self-care ideas that make existing in this uncertain world a little easier. 

In general, self-care is anything that contributes to your overall well-being. Whether that’s indulging in pampering and de-stressing or doing something you enjoy that occupies your attention completely, it boils down to taking care of yourself. While we’re not doctors or health experts, we’ve put together a short list of self-care tips you can follow. 

Treat Yourself To A Self-Care Day At Home With These Tips

Spend Time Doing Yoga

pet care during the lockdown, self-care ideas

There’s no better feeling than a good long stretch, be it right when you wake up, or in the middle of a hectic day. So why not take it a step further and spend some time doing yoga? You can follow a trainer (whether in a class or online) or use any number of online tutorials as a guide. Just make sure to stay aware of any pain you feel (especially if you’re working out alone) and remember to stop if it hurts. Any daily movement of 30 minutes has been proven to be beneficial for both body and mind.

Have A Cup Of Calming Tea

Have a cup of tea as part of your self-care routine

Whether you’re a coffee lover or already a tea aficionado, now’s the perfect time to experiment with new blends. Add some relaxing teas to your self-care routine, such as chamomile (to ease nerves, aid with sleep, alleviate cold symptoms, and soothe upset stomachs), green tea (to enhance mental alertness), or even caffeine-free brews like hibiscus tea (to lower blood pressure). 

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Give In To The Power Of Massage

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Stress can make our muscles (especially those in our neck and back) quite stiff. Massage can help release this stress and put you into a relaxed state. If you can’t get a professional massage done, ask your partner or a friend and take turns following some simple massages from the internet. You could even give yourself a massage using reflexology and pressure points (find out all about them here). 

Try A Spot Of Meditation

The practice of Asanas, Paranayama and Meditation

Meditating is an excellent way to calm a racing mind and one of the most often recommended self-care practices. There are lots of ways to meditate and even more ways to help you get started. One way is to attend a meditation class and follow an instructor. If you can’t there are lots of other options. You can use apps like Calm, Insight Timer, or Headspace or follow a video on YouTube. As to how you do it—there are hundreds of ways to do that as well. You could sit or lie down, play music out loud it, or do it in silence, as long as you’re comfortable. 

Or Give Aromatherapy A Go

Aromatherapy oils, self-care ideas

Aromatherapy techniques will also help you relax — whether that’s turning on a diffuser or spraying your bed linen with a calming scent. You’ve probably already heard about the relaxing effects of lavender oil and the soothing powers of eucalyptus. Lemon oil (and other citrus oils) are said to brighten your mood. Read more about essential oils here.

Take A Relaxing Bath

Take a relaxing bath to pamper yourself

There’s nothing better at the end of a crazy day than a relaxing bath. You can make it even more relaxed with bath salts that can help with everything from detoxification, to muscle relaxation, and helping to achieve calmness, the main benefit of self-care. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can achieve the same effect by soaking your feet in a bucket of warm water infused with bath salts or your favourite shower gel.

Spend Time In Nature

Spend time in nature, self-care ideas

Whether you live in the country or you’re a city-dweller with no interest in the great outdoors, it will do you good to spend time outside. Being out and about in nature is associated with greater health and well-being. So, go to a park or get out of the city and into the sunshine. With a mask.  

Cook Your Favourite Meal

Do some home cooking

Set aside a night to prepare your favourite meal from scratch. The process of preparing food can be therapeutic, and enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal (made exactly the way you like it) can be a very satisfying addition to your self-care plan. 

Listen To A Podcast

Listen to a podcast or music

Another way to relax is by listening to a podcast on a topic that interests you  — whether it’s motivational, educational, or entertaining. It’s a wonderful way of learning new information, boosting your mood, and perhaps even inspiring you; and you don’t have to look at a screen to do it. 

So, Which Of These Self-Care Ideas Is For You?

At the end of the day, this is all about taking care of yourself. It involves taking care of your body, your mind, and even your soul. So, we cannot overstate the importance of self-care. But, we’re not here to tell you the right way to do self-care, because honestly, it’s whatever you need it to be. The self-care ideas we’ve listed are just that, ideas that you can experiment with, a starting point for you to jump off from, and discover your own definition of self-care that works for you when you’re angry, sad, stressed, lonely, grieving, or numb.


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