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Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined how a place would look like without being there? That place can be a country, the white house, a fantasy land or even your girlfriend’s house without her parents. If I was to tell you Argentina, what is the first thing that pops into your head (comment below with your answers)? In 1998, I first realized there was a country like Argentina – all thanks to the World Cup’98 Quarter Finals match. As I was growing up, I was also becoming a hopeless romantic along with being a football fanatic – and I had read about Tango (also from Argentina) being a seductive, passionate and extremely closely performed dance form. Obviously I wanted to know, learn and dance it as much as possible. Then I thought to myself – being an Argentinian is quite simple because it’s all about the leg moves.

Getting a hold of dance and football:

As the music begun, on one side of the stage I can hear crowds cheering my name and on the other side I have roses thrown for my stunning performance of Tango – atleast that’s how in my dream, an urge to go to Argentina first materialized. On doing basic research about Argentina, the food, vibe, nature and Andes yell out at you. So, what would be the ideal way to travel – Be a Dancing Footballer i.e you have some sick skills with your legs as a dancer and a footballer. How hard can that be? Well it’s very hard – so I decided to be the footballer with a flair for dance.  Argentina has had a history of leaving tourists in awe and it was my time to Buenos Aires (as a kid I thought it was something you used to say in Spanish).

Buenos Aires, Argentina – The main square on of the Camanito in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires features brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets that are a popular tourist destination. Tourists can be seen surrounding the most recognizable building the the neighborhood at the center of the square. The area is a popular destination for watching tango dancers in the street, shopping for souvenirs handicrafts made by local artisans and restaurants. It is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and is located at the mouth of the port, which gives it its namesake.
Buenos Aires warms me up:

Buenos Aires is passionate, sexy and surprising to its very last stretch. In football there is a trick called the Rainbow – that’s pretty much how the city looks. It has a European influence that is understated while the sensual nature of the city encapsulates your senses with football, beef and tango. For me this was ideally the heaven I wanted to be in. When I walked around the city, the weather called out to have ice cream, I’m not even kidding when I say the flavors actually looked like different parts in the stadium during a football match (there is an ice cream parlor almost on every block). First off there is always a debate as to which is the best heladaria (ice cream shop), then there are loyalists that chant, rave and even give you a taster as you are walking.

Buenos Aires greets me passionately:

While walking around, I had seen a lot of people on cycles. The little kid in me wanted to ride a cycle in a foreign land and I thought that the footballer in me was just enjoying the workout for my legs – so I indulged and it was the most memorable experience ever. I felt like a real superstar on his pleasure ride around town among the charming locals. From the Plaza Italia in Palermo to Bosques de Palermo, I was experiencing the city like no other. This is a 100 times better than hiring bikes in London. Also I would suggest hire the bike and get lost, don’t take a bike tour even though that is an option. When you wander as a nomad, I feel the best of adventure stories come to life.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Obelisk of Buenos Aires, historic monument and icon of Buenos Aires, located in the Plaza de la Republica in the intersection of avenues Corrientes and 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Intimate with food and football in Buenos Aires:

One night a few of my tourist friends from the backpacker’s hostel had decided to go and challenge a few locals at a football game. I didn’t realize I was part of the team until I got to the pitch – and my word they tangoed and completely annihilated us. While being thrashed they even celebrated with us when we scored. The final score was 5-2, but I have never played football like that in my life and I was proud. Once we finish the game, these guys had invited us to a closed-door dinner. 4 of us from different countries were enticed by the idea of it. These dinners are for creative chefs who want to experiment with food – it is mostly hosted at houses and seems like the perfect business idea (though I don’t know if we could do it in India, considering people might just overstay their invite).

Our footballer friend Sergio took us to Casa Felix (which translates to Felix’s house). Now, imagine a backyard turned into a restaurant that is lit with candles and lanterns surrounded with vegetables and herbs that are used in the food prepared at home, literally. This concept of indulging the senses in a home environment is such a master stroke. I enjoyed the food so much that I went there twice during my stay in Argentina. If Diego Felix (Chef of Casa Felix) ever comes to India, I will host him with all my heart.

Buenas Noches Buenos Aires:

From football to tango to beef to cycling to ice cream to just a general feeling of love in the air – Buenos Aires is a must visit. There are so many elements of surprise in this city that it lives up to the reputation of being the capital. And remember you need to flex those legs before you go because, it’s all about the leg moves.


  1. A combination of dance and football.Super ?. Would be fun to see dance on the streets. And to have those mouth watering local food. Indeed a place to visit!!!!!


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