Planning a trip to Hawaii is not enough when you are a fashion diva. You have to do your homework about the weather conditions and see what you should pack accordingly. Hawaii is pleasant throughout the year. Here are some Hawaii outfit ideas for you to style up your vacation.

Hawaii Outfit Ideas For Women

When it comes to fashion and outfits women have plenty of options to style. Women are ready for winter styling, summer styling as well as beach styling. There is nothing you can teach a woman about fashion. They are born with it! Still here are a few Hawaii outfit ideas that they can mix and match.

Comfy T-shirt and Boyfriend Jeans

The feeling that a comfortable t-shirt and comfortable jeans can give a girl is unexplainable. For a beach vacation, a t-shirt and a comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans are the perfect combinations of comfort and style.

Accessories: Summer Hat and a pair of sunglasses

Blouse and Leggings

The best part about leggings is that the material is breathable and comfortable. Leggings can be styled with any top. Blouses can also be worn with leggings. This Hawaii outfit is comfortable enough to be in all day.

Accessories: A simple neck-piece and a bracelet or a waterproof watch.

Tank tops and Shorts

Tank tops can be one of your best Hawaii outfit ideas as it goes with everything; jeans, a skirt and shorts. Be it lace shorts or denim shorts, it will go with any tank top and you will still be comfortable and stylish.

Accessories: Summer hat and a button-down shirt

Hawaii outfit ideas
tank top with shorts

Maxi dresses

Beaches and maxi dresses go hand in hand. If you don’t have one and you are a beach baby, get one for yourself. There are different prints and patterns available. Maxi dresses are comfortable

Accessories: Earrings and a sun hat.

Hawaii outfit ideas
Maxi dresses


A romper is more like a jumpsuit but shorter. You can wear them with flip flops and with a summer had. This is one outfit that you don’t need to accessorize. They are just perfect to carry for a summer or a beach vacation.

Accessories: Not needed! You’re good to go!

Swimsuit and Swimsuit cover-up

Admit it! Any beach vacation is incomplete without a nice fitted bikini and a broad-cover sunscreen. Make sure you get the correct size for your bikini; not too tight and not too loose, just the perfect size. Also, get a nice bikini cover-up so that even if you don’t want to go in the water, you have the beach feel with you. Later if you change your mind, take off the cover and take a plunge into the waters.

Hawaii outfit ideas
Swimsuit coverup

Accessories: Summer hat and sunglasses

Hawaii Outfit Ideas For Men

If you think, men are not too specific about styles, you are mistaken. Did you know men have 9 types of shirts? Yaa, I am amazed too. Let’s see what men have for Hawaii fashion.


Be it a Hawaiian shirt or a linen shirt or even a cotton button-down shirt, it will go with a pair of shorts or chinos. It is good to be comfortable and light when you are on a beach and want to enjoy every moment you spend there.

Accessories: Hat and waterproof watch


T-shirts are not only comfortable for women, but also for men. Select a nice fabric, go light on the colour and that is your perfect choice for a beach outfit. You can always pair it up with shirts or even jeans. It’s a T-shirt, you don’t think, you just wear a t-shirt.

Hawaii outfit ideas
Wide-cut shorts and a plain t-shirt

Accessories: Sunglasses are good enough.


You don’t only have choices in shirts you also have choices in shorts. Starting from denim shorts and swim shorts and moving on to three-fourths shorts, you have got it all to flaunt. It is better to pair a three-fourth with a shirt and denim shorts with a t-shirt but you can always mix and match.

Accessories: A smartwatch or a waterproof watch.


There are different types of swimwear for men. Swim trunks and broad shorts are one of those. You can not head to a beach without taking your swimsuit with you.

Men's briefs swimwear
Briefs for swimming



Sunglasses are not just for styling purpose. They are to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Since you will be exposed a lot to the sun, your eyes can get affected by the sunlight. I am sure this is not what you want on your vacation to happen.

Hawaii Outfit Ideas
UV sunglasses


If you are planning to get tanned, well, drop that plan! Tanning is not what your body deserves. Make sure you carry a broad SPF sunscreen lotion with you so that both the UV-A and UV-B rays are restricted to reach your skin. Too much of sun is too bad for your skin. Protect it from the harsh rays of the sun.

Hawaii packing list


A wide-brim hat protects your face, hair and neck from the sun. This is important because too much sun exposure can lead to skin burn or rashes. Select a comfortable summer hat that fits your head properly and also is wide enough to protect you from the sun.

Hawaii Outfit Ideas
Blue wide brim hat

Flip flops

You are going to a beach where sneakers and heels are not allowed, flip flops and sandals save the day for you. Slippery sand will not allow you to walk in a heel or a sneaker. And moreover, why would you want to make them dirty. Flip flops can be washed with plain water and reused again in a few hours because they dry very quickly.

Hawaii packing list
Flip flops

Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit, be sure to style up your vacation and enjoy every bit of your journey!


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