Hawaii is the only state in the US located in Oceania. Hawaii occupies a group of islands located in the central Pacific Ocean. There are eight main islands; Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and the Big Islands of Hawaii.

Here are a few fun facts about Hawaii:

  • Hawaii and California are the only states in the US that grow coffee.
  • Hawaii is the widest state in the US.
  • Islands of Hawaii were formed by undersea volcanoes thousands of years ago.

Best Time to Visit Hawaii

Hawai is a destination that can be travelled throughout the year. But the best time to visit the beautiful destination is the months of April, May, September and October. Winters in Hawaii are not just winters, they are monsoons as well. The rest of the year from June To November is the hurricane season. There are many places to see in Hawaii and if you are planning to visit there any time soon, you should see this Hawaii packing list for a comfortable journey.

Hawaii Packing List

Waterproof  Phone Cover

A waterproof phone cover is a must for your phone when you are working on your Hawaii packing list. Hawai is full of beaches and you might want to click pictures of your amazing trip. So make sure you carry it so that you can click a picture even if you are inside the water.

Underwater Camera

A better quality picture is always a plus point about your trip. And if you want a better quality picture than your smartphone, add an underwater camera to your Hawaii packing list. You won’t regret. After all, an underwater picture is a thing these days. Ahh! These Millennials!

Hawaii packing list
Underwater selfie

Swim Suit

You are smart enough to go to a beach destination and carry a swimsuit. Just don’t get sun-tanned. That is not good for your skin. Apart from that, I don’t see why should you not carry a swimsuit and dive into the waters and have a happy holiday.

Swim Suit Cover-Up

A swimsuit coverup is a must for a Hawaii packing list. When you go swimming, you can get hungry. When you have swimsuit coverups, you can directly head to have lunch without thinking. The best thing is that it is available for all sizes and has beautiful patterns and designs. It won’t even take much space in your packing.

Leave In Hair Conditioner

You are going to be in the water for a long time and your hair can get dry because of the salty water. So take a small leave-in hair conditioner with you so that before sleeping you can apply it on your hair and forget about the hair damage and roughness. The leave in conditioners come in small compact bottles and travelling with them is easy as they can easily fit into a purse.

Flip Flops

You can’t wear a pair of sandals or heels to the beach. The sand will mess with it and moreover, you want to stay comfortable while you are there. And flip flops are comforting and you can wash them with plain water to clean them and done!

Hawaii packing list
Flip flops


Sun-tanning cannot be good for your skin. I have explained why in my previous article. If you want to spend your holidays on the beaches of Hawaii, please carry a sunscreen. At least with an SPF of 55. Broad spectrum sunscreens can make you save your skin from sunburn.

Hawaii packing list

Beach Bag

Beach bags are the best to be carried to the beaches. They are easily washable and easy to carry on the beach. It can be dropped in the water, it is completely waterproof and spacious enough to carry your important stuff like sunscreen, towels, swimsuit cover-up, wallet and sunglasses.


Save your eyes from the burn. Save your eyes in style. there are different types of sunglasses that can save your eyes. Polarised and UV protected sunglasses are the clear choice for the beach where the sun can be harmful to your eyes. Trust me eye protection is the first thing that you should put in your Hawaii packing list.

Hawaii packing list

Sun Hat

Summer Hats not only protect your hair but also your eyes and your face from the harsh sunlight. Sun hats are not only on the beach, but you can also use different types of hats while sightseeing or during shopping in the city. You won’t regret buying a hat for yourself. The plus point is that it goes with any attire you wear and you will look good for sure.

Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes like shorts, summer dresses, loose t-shirts, or yoga pants in case you don’t want to go into the water. Comfortable summer outfits for beaches are to be considered important for your Hawaii packing list. This is the most important aspect for not just feeling comfortable but also looking good.

Hawaii packing list
Beach outfits

Water Bottles

You obviously can’t drink sea water. So carry your own water bottle with you. You can even carry a water bottle from the hotel or carry your own hydrating flask. This way you are not only helping yourself but also reduce the use of plastic. This should be at your top priority or else you will have to rely on sea water I guess.


Hawaii is surely a beautiful place and you might spend a lot of time in either using a map or clicking a lot of pictures. You might end up using a lot of your phone’s battery. Make sure you carry a power bank and keep it charged so that just in case your phone’s battery is dead, you can charge your phone again with the help of a power bank.

Rain Jacket

If your luck isn’t good and it rains in Hawaii during your vacation, you should be prepared. Add a rain jacket to your Hawaii packing list. It is advisable that if you are in Hawaii and it rains, it is better for you to stay far from the beach and if you are shopping and sightseeing, you are prepared, well prepared!

Hawaii packing list

Bug Spray

The tropical mosquitoes can be really mean to you. Please carry a mosquito repellant cream or a bug spray while you travel to Hawaii. It will be really helpful. It will stop you from getting bitten and carrying malaria or a dengue home with you. Make sure you put it in the checked in luggage and not your handbag so that till you reach there, you have it with you.

Travel Insurance

I hope… I really hope that you have a safe journey. But only on the basis of hope, you do not leave for war. You go prepared. In this case, you are not going for war but still, you need to go prepared. You can be a victim of an accident, or theft or a flight miss or reservation issues. Shit can happen anywhere, cover it! Here’s everything you need to know about travel insurance, you’re welcome!

These were the Hawaii packing list essentials that according to me are important for your trip to Hawaii. If you have anything else that you think is important for the Hawaiian trip, let me know in the comments section.

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