Mahira Alvares

Mahira is a hospitality management graduate from Christ University, Bangalore. She is part of the team that started and has been an active member of its blogging community ever since! She is an avid traveler and her passions include hockey, football, reading and belly dancing. She feels her diverse interests bring a different take to her articles and she writes what she’s passionate about. Blessed with a family who loves traveling together and a developing sporting career, Mahira has seen quite a bit of this planet we live on (22 countries) , and loves to bring her experiences alive through her words and photographs! Favourite Experience: “When I was a little girl, I used to watch this show called 'Rocket Power' which is about a surfer family and I always thought to myself that it would be brilliant if I could do something that cool. Recently, I visited Covelong Point, near Chennai and got to live out this dream!”